Sunday, July 8, 2012

Good Wool

Our smallish group was all seated, chatting, waiting for only two more members to arrive before the Bible study could begin.  We ranged in age of 30-something to 93.  The late-comers were our oldest member and her ride.  Soon they arrived and amid greetings, we shuffled to begin the study.  Carolyn approached her seat slowly, but smiling as at a huge joke.  She got to her chair, but remained standing behind it until all of us settled down and were looking at her questioningly.

“How many of you remember World War One?”  she beamed.

Sheesh!  Most of us didn’t remember WWII and some of us were babies during Vietnam! 

But our 84-year-old said, “Well, I remember the end of it.  I was a very little girl, but I remember there was a big celebration, a picnic at one of the neighboring farms.  My family all rode over there in the buckboard.”

“Well,” said Carolyn, “ I was born in 1904, so I remember it very well.  See this scarf?” and she lifted the end of the simple, light brown piece of needlework draped around her neck, “I made this scarf when I was 12 years old.  My mother taught my sister and I how to knit, and we made scarves for the soldiers.  She let us each keep one.  My sister lost hers, but I’ve held on to mine because I made it and it reminds me of my mother.  I’ve been wearing it for over 60 years!  And look how well it’s held up!  No holes or worn spots!  And the color’s still good too!” 

We looked – it was!

“Now, “ said Carolyn, “do you know why it’s held up so good?”  And we waited for her answer without offering any interruptive guesses.

“Because,” she said impressively, “it’s made of good wool.  Let that be a lesson to you.”

True story.

Knit in Peace!  Karlin (© 2012)

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  1. Fun story! It was tense and sweet at the same time :)